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There’s a reason why the carbon fiber market is worth an estimated $1.7 million in demand. The sturdy material is perfect for tons of different applications. Everything, from spaceships to clothing, benefits from carbon fiber.

A phone case is no different. There are tons of benefits to find a good carbon fiber case to protect your phone.

But how do you find one that you know is genuine? In this guide, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know to find a product you’ll love. Let’s get started!

What is Carbon Fiber?

As its name suggests, carbon fiber is made up of fibrous strands of carbon. These fibers are made by heating plastic resin. Oxygen is kept outside of the material which keeps it from burning.

Instead, what takes place in a process known as carbonization. Carbonization causes all non-carbon particles to vibrate quickly. In turn, they are eventually expelled. This leaves carbon atoms that are bonded together into crystals.

On their own these fibers aren’t very strong — after all, they’re no bigger than a strand of human hair. That’s why manufacturers twist thousands of them into yarn-like material.

When woven together, carbon fiber can be used in clothing, tubing, or anything that requires strength and stiffness. Or, it can be placed over a mold solidified using a resin material.

If you want to learn more about carbon fiber, then check out our guide to some frequently asked questions.

Why is Carbon Fiber Ideal For a Phone Case?

Did you know that Americans break a smartphone screen every two seconds? No smartphone is invulnerable to breaking, not even the new Pixel 4XL.

Part of the reason these fragile screens break so much is people refuse to put a protective case on their phone. Or, worse, they’ll put an inferior case that doesn’t end up protecting the smartphone.

The solution? A superior phone case is made out of carbon fiber. In this section, we’ll cover five reasons you should consider this material for your new phone case.

1. Stronger Than Steel

Tired of your case shattering or cracking when you drop it? With carbon fiber, you don’t need to worry about this problem. The material is actually five times as strong as steel and twice as stiff.

Plus it accomplishes this while still weighing much less than the metal. While it’s not indestructible, it should be more than enough to protect your phone.

2. Waterproof

Unlike traditional metals, you don’t need to worry about carbon fiber getting rusty. The carbon compounds are completely waterproof.

Keeping in mind that this won’t make your phone waterproof. But, it will make it water-resistant. This is ideal for people who live in wet climates with lots of rain.

3. Fire Resistant

Remember how carbon fiber is made? It’s heated up to extremely hot temperatures. This makes the final compounds resistant to fire.

Your phone isn’t likely to get caught in a fire — but you never know. Plus the heat resistance feature means you never need to worry about the material melting or warping in the hot sun.

4. Lightweight Design

No one likes a heavy phone case. These can weigh down your pants and make walking around uncomfortable. This is part of what makes carbon fiber such great material for phones.

Despite its great strength, the carbon compounds remain extremely light. As such, you get all the benefits of a material that’s stronger than metal without any of the added pounds.

5. Doesn’t Wear and Tear

Most of the time it isn’t one big drop that ruins a phone case. Instead, it’s a bunch of little bumps and scratches that does it in. This everyday damage can wear down at the edges of the phone case, eventually rendering it unusable.

This is where carbon fiber’s excellent durability shines through. The stiffness of the material ensures that it’s not susceptible to traditional types of wear and tear that affect other types of cases.

How to Find a Carbon Fiber Case for Your Phone

There are a few things you need to look out for when shopping for a carbon fiber case. The first thing is the type of phone you're trying to match the case. Beware of sites that offer a one-size-fits-all model.

Phones come in different shapes. Even different iPhone generations can vary dramatically in size and proportion. So, find a case that corresponds to your specific model.

If you care about aesthetics, then you should look for a case that comes in a color or design that you enjoy. It’s also important not to buy one that’s too cheap. This is a classic sign that the carbon fiber isn’t genuine.

It’s unfortunate, but carbon fiber is typically a more expensive material to manufacture than other types of plastics. This is because of the intensive and specialized manufacturing process that’s needed to craft it.

But don’t be discouraged by the price. Instead, think of it as an investment to protect your phone. After all, a case is more affordable than buying a new smartphone.

Want a Carbon Fiber Supplier You Can Trust? Look No Further Than Pur Carbon

We hope this article helped convince you that carbon fiber is an excellent material for any type of phone case. However, finding the right size case isn’t the only thing you need to worry about.

You also need a supplier that offers a carbon fiber material that you trust. Unfortunately, many companies out there offer a knockoff product that’s anything but dependable. So how do you find a supplier that offers the real thing?

By sticking with a trustworthy manufacturer like Pur Carbon. Here at Pur Carbon, we’re dedicated to supplying our customers with a product that’s both stylish and strong.

We think you’ll love the carbon fiber we use in the wide variety of protective gear we make. Not convinced? Contact us today and learn more about our products.

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