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Americans break two smartphone screens every second. That's nearly 5,761 cracked screens an hour and nearly 50 million cracked screens a year. 

What's more, new screens cost us nearly $3.4 billion every year. It's happened to many of us. We drop our phones by accident and hear a sickening crack as it clatters to the ground. 

When we reach down to pick up the phone, to our horror, we see a broken screen.

However, one of the best ways to protect your phone is to use a phone case. Not just any phone case. If you're looking for a protective phone case, check out aramid fiber phone cases.

Wondering what is aramid fiber? Keep reading to learn about aramid fiber phone cases and how they are functional, sleek, and strong. 

What Is Aramid Fiber?

Aramid fibers are made up of synthetic fibers that are strong and heat-resistant. It is incredibly strong but also lightweight and flexible. Because of its strong composition, it has a high resistance to cuts or breaks. 

Aramid fiber has no melting point and low flammability. One popular use for manufacturing aramid fiber is for high-performance materials such as bulletproof body armor. 

Why Choose a Phone Case Made of Aramid Fiber?

The global average cost of a smartphone is $363. However, that price has gone up. The cost of smartphones has increased by 6% from 2016 to 2017.

What's more, there is more to a phone than the upfront cost. There is the cost of your phone plan, the data, and other add ons. 

There is also the price you pay if you drop your phone and crack the screen, and you have to get the screen fixed. Or the price you pay if you break your phone and have to replace it. 

To take care of your expensive smartphone, you should choose a phone case made out of aramid fiber. Here are the benefits of aramid fiber phone cases. 


Ever dropped your phone that had a case, but the screen still broke? The case was probably not strong enough to withstand the impact. You need the right case and one that is strong.

Aramid fiber is strong--stronger than steel. In fact, it is five times stronger than steel. There's a reason why the material is used for military use and law enforcement use.

What's more, aramid fiber can withstand high temperatures up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Good Grip

One second, you're holding your smartphone. The next second, it slips out of your hand and falls to the floor. With our AraMag case, you get a phone case made out of aramid fiber and also with grip material. 

Resistant to Scratches

With your phone, you want a smooth, sleek look free of scratches, dents, or cuts. You want the same with a phone case.

Aramid fiber is resistant to scratches or cuts. An aramid fiber phone case will protect your phone from scratches or abrasions. 


Of course, strength is important when it comes to phone cases. However, you don't want a phone case that is heavy or bulky, especially if you like to carry your phone in your pocket.

Our AraMag case weighs only 14 grams and is incredibly lightweight and sleek. It's also only 0.85mm thin. 

Looks Good

Looks matter too when it comes to your phone case. You want a phone case that is eye-catching and attractive. Our AraMag case speaks for itself with its sleek look. 

Tips for Taking Care of Your Phone

Did you just purchase a new phone, and you want to take care of your major purchase? Or maybe you have a current phone that you want to take care of?

Here are some tips to keep your phone in its best condition. 

Get a Case

One of the best ways to protect your phone is to get a proper phone case. Get a protective phone case. You should also get a screen protector too to protect your screen.

Keep Your Phone Clean

You get the top protective gear for your phone, but are you also keeping your phone clean? Think about all the surfaces you put your phone down on.

Over time, dust, residue, and dirt can accumulate on your phone. You should regularly clean your phone and also clean your phone case. 

Store It Properly

How many times have you carelessly tossed your phone aside? Or maybe you placed it precariously on the side of a table and then it accidentally got knocked down?

Sometimes we place our phones near food or drinks which can be risky if we accidentally spill. 

When you store your phone, store it in a proper place. If you put it in your backpack or purse, store it in its own pocket.

Have a specific place to charge your phone at the end of the day. Maybe it can be a designated spot on your nightstand. You should also protect your phone from extreme temperatures. 

Protect Your Phone from Water

Another element to protect your phone from is water or other liquids. You can do this by not bringing your phone with you in the bathroom. It can accidentally fall in the sink, shower, or toilet.

Also, remember to take your phone out of your pocket when you go for a swim at the beach or at the pool. 

Check Out Our Aramid Fiber Phone Cases

We use our smartphones so much that we can forget that they need proper care. By investing in an aramid fiber phone case, you are protecting a major purchase.

What's more, in the future, you can resell your phone when you're ready to upgrade to a newer model. By taking care of your phone, you're less likely to damage or scratch it, when can give you a better price when selling it.

Have more questions about what is aramid fiber and want to check out our phone cases? Check out our phone cases.

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