December 22, 2020 4 min read

COVID-19 brought about and sped up a wide range of innovations. New medical technology is the clearest example, but the pandemic inspired new technology in all sectors—even finance.

Businesses continue adapting to strict public health guidelines that keep workers and the public safe. One safety hurdle companies face is accepting socially-distanced payments.

Finance companies rushed to solve the problem, and contactless payment became common. Banks distributed new credit cards using touchless radio-frequency identification—or RFID—technology. RFID is handy, but it comes with some security concerns.

RFID readers help thieves steal credit card information from a distance, but an RFID blocking wallet takes those worries away. Read on to learn some awesome benefits of RFID blocking wallets.

1. Get Unparalleled Security From an RFID Blocking Wallet

Hackers and thieves get smarter and craftier every year to match the speed of tech development. Anti-hacking security is better than it used to be, but contactless payment solutions make contactless hacking possible. A basic wallet isn't enough to protect your cards from a determined thief.

Credit card companies indeed put a lot of work into trying to keep your assets safe. Cards are encrypted and this kind of fraud isn't common. Yet, tech-savvy criminals can steal credit card information from a distance if they have the right tools.

You could become a victim while walking around the mall or even while sitting at home. In these cases, you might not know anyone stole from you until the next time you checked your bank account.

The good news is that it isn't hard to counter thieves' RFID scanners with an innovative wallet. RFID-proof wallets put a sturdy barrier between your cards and the scanners. They use conductive material to block electromagnetic fields so that scanners can't read your cards from outside of your wallet.

2. An RFID-Proof Wallet Is Trusty Physical Protection

You carry your wallet with you almost everywhere, more so when you're on the go. As a result, it has a rough-and-tumble existence. Puddles, snow, your dog's mouth, the bottom of a shoe, a laundry cycle...You name it, your wallet's seen it before. 

Unlike thin leather and plastic, RFID blocking wallets aren't flimsy and provide reliable physical protection. Accidents happen no matter what kind of wallet you carry, but you won't have to worry about soggy cash or bent cards with one of these sturdy accessories.

Many RFID blocking wallets are made of carbon fiber. Some use forged carbon, a cutting-edge material that builds off of basic carbon-fiber technology. They're stronger than basic wallets made from traditional materials that you find in an average store.

Using a high-quality RFID blocking wallet to keep your money away from the elements means you don't need to carry a bag or briefcase to keep your wallet away from hazards.

3. Lose Wallet Features You Don't Need

There are all sorts of styles of RFID blocking wallets out there. Despite the variety, they're not known for being elaborate or flashy.

Most of them aim to perfect a wallet's most basic components instead. Some go so far as to boil it down to the bare minimum: money clips.

You don't need a thick wallet with rows and rows of pockets if you don't carry bunches of rewards cards, credit cards, membership cards, and so on. A packed wallet is bulky and a pain to dig through every time you need to find something.

Another downside of big wallets is that they're uncomfortable if you prefer to keep your wallet in your pocket and don't wear super baggy pants. That's not all—A wallet that pushes the limits of your pocket is at risk of falling out and may also be easier for pickpockets to grab. 

Even if you do have a lot of cards, you could consider planning to carry nothing more than the few cards you need on any given outing. This makes finding what you need easier and gives you the benefits of a slimmer wallet. In the unfortunate event that you do misplace your wallet or it's stolen, a minimalist style means you don't lose as many cards.

If you want a basic or minimalist wallet, get an RFID blocking wallet. You'll enjoy a less bulky pocket and have extra protection even if you're not sure you need it.

4. A Forged Carbon Wallet Looks Modern and Cool

Say you're not concerned about the security issues associated with RFID chips. Maybe you don't own any contactless cards. You still have a wonderful reason to buy an RFID blocking wallet.

What's that? Simple: An RFID blocking wallet made of forged carbon or carbon fiber looks great. These wallets are as sleek and stylish as they are valuable protection.

There's nothing wrong with vegan or animal leather, plastics, and traditional fabric wallets. These trusty standby materials all have their benefits. They're also cheap and easy to find when you need a wallet in a pinch.

As useful as those options can be, it's a fine time for a wallet style upgrade. 

The minimalist wallets made from futuristic materials like carbon have the same sort of aesthetic appeal as Apple products. Simple black, white, and metallic colors without embellishment have a mature and high-class look.

We're in the 2020s and your look should match the times. With a style that shares with the digital goods, we organize our lives around these days, a carbon RFID blocking wallet is the perfect style solution.

Give Your Tech the Treatment It Deserves

After reading this article, it should be clear why buying an RFID blocking wallet is worth it. Carbon fiber RFID blocking wallets are one useful accessory you can get from Pur Carbon.

Our carbon fiber products protect your money and gadgets from modern threats like RFID hacking as well as from physical damage. Investing in these security tools now saves a lot of money in the long run, as you won't need to replace stolen and broken assets.

If you have questions about our wallets and accessories, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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