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Fits perfect. Such a nice case.

Awesome wallet!

I bought this as a gift for my husband. Shipping was quick and the wallet is very high quality. It came in a gift box and included the wallet clip, extra screws and a screw driver. I highly recommend this product!

Awesome phone case

Case is awesome. The Carbon looks soo nice. Also the phone does still works with wireless chargers

I love it!!

The case is absolutely beautiful. Plus it’s super strong and light. All my friends want one now! Lol. Can’t wait to get a weave one next.

Carbon Mask

I love the mask it fits well. I would suggest ordering one


everything is great


When I recieved my Pur Carbon 3K Gloss Death Stroke Mask, I was extremely ecstatic. The detail, quality and fitment was incredible. I'm proud to be 1 of 250 owners out there. Get yours while supplies last! Lol

Great Product, But....

I love all my Pur Carbon toys and my only complaint about this 1 item is that the sales person said it would fit the new Airpods 2 without issue. They were wrong as the button cutout is in the wrong location and the led is covered and not exposed and the lid rubs the body when opening and makes the top come loose. I can correct 2 out of the 3 and it’s no major issue but they said it was compatible and it’s only partially compatible. So far out of the 9 items I bought from Pur Carbon this is the only one that wasn’t 100% perfect. I still love it anyway as the Carbon itself is great quality.

Good product

Sleek and durable product

just perfect

I ordered this case one month ago and I'm really happy 😊 the look is really amazing great carbon quality and very fast shipping to France !!
Thank you very much Pur Carbon!!

Underated AF

This case is dope! I get compliments on this case all the time, grip is good, durable too, I already dropped it a few times and does very well, doesn't even add bulkiness to my phone, makes it just right in my hand, and it works well with my wireless mounting charger when I'm doing uber and lyft which is why I had to seek out a new case in the first place, overall very happy with it

I love this case!

My hubby got us both cases and I had to steal this style from him, this forged design is GORGEOUS! 😍 Its thin, feels so nice in my hand, and feels very sturdy, I love this case!

Deducted 1 Star

Extremely intimidating mask, and very comfortable. We've all (or most of us have) worn masks that make you sweat and are uncomfortable. This one sets off of your face due to the placement of very comfortable foam padding (quality foam, too, almost like memory foam) that rests right on your cheek bones and forehead. Your eyes, nose, mouth area, etc., all breathe very well with this on. You can see out of the mesh eye sockets very well also. It's a very intimidating looking mask which is fun for airsoft battles.

I deducted one star because it's a little too big for a young teenager. The description says it fits "most" teenagers and adults. I would say it should probably fit "some" teenagers and most adults. I'm 6' 3" and weight 200 lbs and it fits me perfectly. I think it would fit most average sized 16 year old boys and older. But it won't fit younger or smaller people.

Awesome Airsoft Mask- Paintball Requires Eye Wear

When I first discovered this mask, I was definitely hyped about getting for paintball. I was new to the sport and I was getting all my gear through Amazon. I was disappointed and confused when I read the reviews on whether this mask was safe for paintball. Nonetheless, I purchased it and thought it could not be bad if the mask was safe for Airsoft. The carbon fiber is very hard and durable and I felt very safe. HERE IS THE BIG DISCLAIMER FOR PAINTBALL: If you are going to use this for paintball, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wear eye glasses, sun glasses or protective eye wear. I went paintball yesterday with this mask and thank God my friends would not participate unless I wear my expensive sun glasses underneath the mask. I was hesitant because again, reading these silly reviews, folks were stating that glasses would not fit when wearing the mask. Without any issues, my sun glasses fit just fine. Furthermore, I did wear a tactical hood head wear balaclavas with this mask. During the third game, I was shot directly in the right eye. The protective mesh on the mask did it's job and none of the outer paintball coating entered my eye area. BUT, all that paint was on my sun glasses. Again, thank God for those sun glasses. I got a lot of compliments on the mask and everyone said it is very intimidating on the field. Moreover, I had mirrored red/green/yellow sun glasses that made the mask even more grand. Ultimately, this is an airsoft mask for that sport. I am sure Pur Carbon would not recommend using it for paintball. But it is possible and safe in my opinion.


Gorgeous mask. Custom made from actual Carbon Fiber material. Was it worth the $200 price tag? Absolutely. You get a well made mask, fits any size head (I’m not a small guy), intimidating. Looks nothing like anything else on the market.


Collect them all

Nice case here's my review

I was very skeptical as, when I purchased the original Apple Watch and looking for a durable bumper, a similar item was criticized for snapping the watch in through the back. This watch is expensive and I was wary of putting my trust into something so cheap that held something so expensive. I am happy to report, I do not have that fear anymore.
On my first day, it saved my watch face from a concrete pole. There is slight damage to the case, but that is absolutely fine with me as that should take the damage instead of the watch face. I have full button functionality and I have little to no issues using the touchscreen functions.
5 star purchase for me

Must have

Excellent case for my Apple Watch series 4 (44 mm). Watch fits in it perfectly and all cutouts align properly. Seems sturdy, well built, and protective. Only downside that I can see is if you have small wrists it will definitely stand out. I think that's a fair trade off given the amount of protection the case adds.

Half the price of other CF airpod cases ive seen!! Better Quality !!

Case slid right onto the airpods case, not overly tight but snug enough to stay on. High quality carbon fiber, overall happy with it. Half the price of other CF airpod cases I've seen.

Gloss or Matte Hmmmm ?

My 3rd purchase from pur carbon and i got the gloss carbon case. No scratches to my AirPods case at all and the best part is the reaction I get from people when they see my AirPods. They want to know where to get the case and how much it cost. It’s worth the wait time of 1 week.

What I wanted and needed. Get the Gloss !!!

This case fits perfectly. Tight, no slip, hard case. Looks freakin’ awesome too! Super thin - adds no bulk. Super light- adds no weight. Super cool - hide the nerdy white. These folks know their business. Amazing products. Amazing prices. You can not go wrong with this case!!!

Would buy again.

As expected carbon fiber watch case, make my watch looks different with others. It can pop off easily if you catch the edge of it just right. Pur carbon is also very professional and communicates smoothly.

I would buy again when the new apple watch is released.

buy this case!!

I have read lots of reviews about Apple Watch cases. I bought a different brand at first and wasn’t impressed the moment I opened the package. This week I started reading reviews again and came across the purcarbon Apple Case. I was impressed with reviews and purchased. I received it 2 days later and I was immediately impressed!!! The packaging wasn’t just a clear bag like the previous model I bought but was packaged in an actual box and I knew I had made the right decision. Upon placing the case on my Series 4 44mm I loved it!! It isn’t bulky like the other one. The touch sensitivity is perfect and the dial is easily turned. Buy it!! You won’t regret it!!

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Better than advertised , the perfect fit for my apple airpod. Thanks Guys i would buy again.

Replacement Mask!

My mask arrived and after opening the package I noticed there were a few cracks around the nose area of the mask. I contacted them via email and was responded to quickly. I sent pictures and a replacement will be sent out as soon as the matte version becomes available in stock this month possibly into early March. Great Customer Service! Now I'm just anxiously awaiting for it's arrival! These mask are badass.