Pur Carbon Kevlar Aramid AraMag Case iPhone

zero signal interference

Made from non-conductive Aramid Fiber, AraMag™ will not interfere with your phone calls like other cases will. GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Cell Phone signals all pass through the case uninterrupted.

style that lasts

Extremely scratch-resistant. Built to look great year after year and prolong the life of your device.

Scratch proof iphone 11 Pro Max case Pur Carbon Fiber Aramid
Pur Carbon Wireless Charging Case for iPhone

Wireless charger friendly

Specifically designed to provide a flawless magnetic (QI) charging experience with your smartphone.

magnetic holder ready

No need for ugly stick-on metal pieces. AraMag™ has embedded plates* perfectly placed to work with your magnetic holder or charger.

*iPhone 12 & 13 Series cases do not have metal plates in order to comply with the Apple Magsafe® system. 

Pur Carbon Magnetic Case for iPhone
Thin Aramid FIber phone case Aramag Pur Carbon Fiber

thin and light

Constructed from super-strong, ballistic grade Aramid Fiber, it's five times stronger than steel, exceptionally lightweight and fits like a glove.

Easy to grip. Addictively soft.

Designed with enhanced high-grip material to provide an addictively soft, easy to hold case with easy access to all of the buttons.

Grippy Phone Case Carbon Fiber AraMag Pur Carbon Aramid