June 25, 2020 4 min read

What if we told you that there is a design that will protect all of your accessories? What about a design that resists fire and ice while preventing cuts and abrasions?

Well, it's the truth. This material goes by the name "aramid fiber" and it's going to be your new obsession.

To learn about this amazing material, keep reading. We'll tell you everything you need to know about aramid fiber and its benefits. You won't be able to resist investing in this material after hearing about aramid fiber design.

1. Aramid Fiber Is Strong

Aramid fiber is extremely strong. You'll be amazed by how much aramid fiber can take.

The material is five times stronger than steel on land and four times stronger than steel in water. It is also twice the strength of glass fiber and nylon.

The strength of aramid fiber comes from its chemical composition. The fiber can withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celcius while maintaining its structural integrity.

The material acts like elastic when it is exposed to higher temperatures. If you were to bend aramid fiber, it would simply bend rather than snapping. It would take unnatural levels of pressure and temperature to take out an accessory with this kind of power.

This is why we recommend getting accessories like phone cases in this material. Your phone will be more protected than ever.

2. Aramid Fiber Is Water-Proof

When it's pouring outside, you need to have water-proof accessories. You don't want your wallet or keys to get destroyed. This is why you need aramid fiber designs for your accessories.

Aramid fiber is able to resist water absorption which keeps all of your accessories nice and clean. This also helps keep your accessories newer and fresher.

With aramid fiber accessories, your products will last longer. Whether you drop it in a lake, a toilet, or even the ocean, your products are bound to be better protected surrounded in aramid fiber than any other material.

3. Aramid Fiber Is Scratch-Resistant

Everyone hates getting those pesky scratches and abrasions on their belongings. They can be annoying and unflattering.

If you're looking to stop the scratches and put an end to serious damage on your accessories, you should invest in aramid fiber designs. These will keep your products away from abrasions and similar damages that can take away from the quality and enjoyment that you get from your products.

4. Aramid Fiber Cannot Melt

We mentioned that aramid fiber can become like elastic fiber when it is placed in higher temperatures. However, you should know that this elasticity stays in even higher heats.

Aramid fiber has no melting point. There is not a point at which an aramid fiber product will melt.

If you've ever dealt with heated technology and deadly summers, you know that resistance to heat could save your accessories. Plastic phone cases may melt in the summer heat while aramid fiber phone cases won't.

You'll be relieved with the amount of protection that aramid fiber products give your accessories, including this heat-resistant ability. No matter where you live, your aramid fiber accessories can stand the heat.

5. Aramid Fiber Has Low Flammability

Speaking of heated tech, aramid fiber will lend your technologies a low level of flammability. This means that your products will stay safe even if things are burning around them.

If technology becomes overheated, it can set on fire. Aramid fiber won't set on fire so easily.

Low flammability is also great for situations when you may leave your wallet or keys in the sun. You won't have to worry about a cover that is too hot to handle. Your accessories could be left in high-heat environments without building a flame.

This kind of protection will set you at ease if you leave accessories in a hot car or out in the sun. This is just another reason why you need aramid fiber.

6. Aramid Fiber Resists Chemicals

If you're worried about organic solvents or other harsh chemicals affecting your technologies and accessories, you don't have to worry about that with aramid fiber designs. 

Aramid fiber resists dangerous chemicals that you may come into contact with. You don't have to worry about soaps, cleansers, and other household formulas harming your belongings.

If you happen to spill cleaner on a plastic phone case or leather wallet, they're going to be destroyed. You can't risk a small mistake turning into a big mishap.

Avoid these issues by investing in aramid fiber designs that will protect your devices and other property.

7. Aramid Fiber Is Non-Conductive

Non-conductive materials don't conduct heat, electricity, or sound. This means that technologies with aramid fiber coverings won't be affected by heat, electricity, or sound through that material.

This means that your products will be more well-protected from electricity and sounds as well as heat. We previously discussed how aramid fiber responds in heat, but we're still left with electricity and sounds.

If in large amounts, electricity, and sound can be harmful for your products. You don't want too much electricity shorting out your technologies just like you don't want sound deconstructing them.

By avoiding the flow of these dangers, aramid fiber designs protect products from those things we cannot even see. We might be able to detect something that can cut your belongings, but you can't see an electrical surge that could harm your devices.

This extra layer of protection will definitely be worth it in the end.

Taking Advantage of Our Aramid Fiber Design

By now, you're probably dying to get your hands on aramid fiber accessories. Your products and technologies will be safer with an aramid fiber design.

If you're looking for your own aramid fiber phone case, our AraMag Case is perfect for you. Your phone will be more protected than ever before.

No matter what situation your phone is in, an aramid fiber case is going to be the best option to protect it.

Feel free to search through all of our products and choose the best protection for your accessories. You'll have the best-protected technologies you've ever had.

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