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"Joe Manganiello OFFICIALLY Cast as Deathstroke" by AntMan3001 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 


Slade Wilson was a pioneer, albeit a pioneer with a seriously dark streak. Long before anyone had even heard the name 'Deathstroke', Wilson was lying about his age in order to serve his country in the armed forces, achieving the rank of major, and, crucially, volunteering as a test subject in a dangerous experiment -- an experiment which had the potential to change the course of warfare forever.

The experiment had unexpected side effects, however, and Wilson's life would never be the same again. From that day forth,  he would be known as Deathstroke -- the most formidable assassin on the planet -- roving from mercenary assignment to mercenary assignment, and constantly looking to challenge and better himself with every task.

 Of course, we are talking about the legendary DC character from the Deathstroke comics. As well as being a terrifying villain, and a fascinating character, Deathstroke is also a great subject for a cosplay project.

Deathstroke's Formidable Powers

Carbon Fiber Mask Deathstroke Pur Carbon Real fibre

Thanks to the revolutionary procedure undergone by Slade Wilson in the United States' military, Deathstroke is blessed with incredible speed and physical strength. Unfortunately, he doesn't necessarily use these powers for good, and usually finds himself on the villainous side of things instead.

Already a fiercely intelligent soldier, Deathstroke's smarts were further enhanced by the experiment, giving him an astute knowledge of tactics and strategy. Deployed alongside his brute power and stealthy speed, this intelligence makes him a lethal opponent.

His enemies -- of which there are more than a few -- can't even rely on getting the jump on Deathstroke. Another effect of the experiment was razor-sharp senses, as well as reactions far in advance of anything an ordinary human could ever muster. It is easy to see why Deathstroke is the man to call when you need a job doing and doing well, particularly when that job involves assassinating a powerful enemy or engaging in hand to hand combat. While Slade Wilson himself was a formidable soldier, Wilson's Deathstroke persona is next level.

Your Deathstroke Cosplay Costume

Original Carbon Fiber Mask Purmask Deathstroke Real Forged Carbon

Deathstroke might be a villain and is not exactly the kind of person you would feel safe hanging out with, but this does not mean he is not popular. Fans have repeatedly been drawn to the character's cool abilities and his admirable commitment to challenging himself against ever more insurmountable odds.

However, despite this popularity, and perhaps because of his status as a supervillain, Deathstroke has never joined the pantheon of the mainstream comic book heroes. This makes a Deathstroke cosplay costume a great idea for your next project.

Here at Pur Carbon, we have the perfect piece to help you create your ideal Deathstroke costume -- the Deathstroke mask. Made of the same ultra-durable, ultra-lightweight carbon fiber material as all of our fine mask pieces, the Deathstroke mask gives you the chance to add an amazing finishing touch to your costume. Take a look at this smart piece of cosplay engineering today and complete your look, or get in touch with the team to learn more.

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