March 17, 2020 4 min read

Getting A Carbon Fiber Airpods Pro Case

Apple's unveiling of the Air Pods Pro truly stole the show. It is by far their most ambitious and most well-executed hardware releases in recent history. While Apple released a compelling product with the 2nd generation Airpods, the Airpods Pro variant took nearly everything that was flawed with the proceeding model and made it better. Below, we will be going over exactly what makes the Airpods Pro stand out from the 2nd generation model and why you should think about upgrading or getting your first pair of Airpods right now.



There were a lot of mixed feelings about the original design of the Airpods which the 2nd generation continued along with. Some loved the design and some absolutely hated them. With Apple's latest 'Pro' model, they shortened the stem that protrudes from the ear. This, combined with their respective brand new silicone tips available in 3-sizes makes for a much better overall fit for any user. Having a better fit is very important for getting the highest-fidelity out of truly wireless earphones because you need to create a tight seal and a secure fit to avoid leakage.



This is where Apple truly nailed the new iteration of the Pro model. Perhaps the most surprising and biggest change made to the Pro model that is different from the Airpods 2nd generation release is the inclusion of active noise cancellation. This, combined with a better and more secure fit leads to absurdly good sound quality. Better yet, it features a 'transparency mode' for when you want to allow outside sounds to leak in. All you need to do to activate this mode is to squeeze the stem and you will be able to activate it seamlessly. Instead of making it an optional feature, each Airpods Pro case comes fully compatible with wireless charging.


Sound Performance

Because of the Noise Cancellation and the ability to create a tighter seal/fit, the Airpods Pro objectively sounds better than the 2nd generation model. Not only will you be able to enjoy much better sound in movies and other media, but you will find music clearer and you can listen to the music at lower and less distorted volumes because of the active noise cancellation. However, when you turn off Active Noise cancellation, you are not getting significantly better sounding earphones than the 2nd generation model. Therefore, you will certainly want to engage the feature as much as possible. While not the best sounding headphones with Active Noise Cancellation, they are some of the lightest and smallest available.



Unlike the Airpods 2, the Airpods Pro are both sweat and water-resistant since they feature IPX4-certification. Because of this, they should be much better suited for those that are looking to use wireless headphones while they are working out. The 2nd generation model did not feature the same certification.


Battery Life

As with any truly wireless headphones, the battery life can be a major selling point or a detractor from your purchasing decision. Unfortunately, because of the added noise cancellation feature, you will lose some battery life on the 2nd generation model. With the Airpods Pro, you can expect an advertised 4.5 hours of listening time with noise cancellation active. Whereas, you can get as much as 5 hours of usage without it active. As for Airpods 2, you can get an advertised 5 hours of listening time on a single charge. Therefore, you are getting similar battery life, but you are able to get significant upgrades in sound performance with the addition of Active Noise Cancellation. Considering Apple didn't increase the size of the Airpods themselves to accommodate the added feature that boosts performance by such a wide margin, it is an acceptable compromise.



The Pro model uses the very same H1 chip that can be found in the 2nd generation Airpods. This is a chip that is still very capable and it is a major step up from the original Airpods chipset. With the H1 chip, you are getting the same lightning-fast connection times that you would get with the 2nd generation. Along with this, you get the same Siri integration that you have come to know and love about the 2nd generation model.



Unfortunately, Apple decided to remain consistent by using a Lightning port along with the case. Considering Apple is rumored to be switching to USB-C along with the rest of the industry for its next iteration of iPhones to coincide with its Macbook series, we feel this is a missed opportunity.

That being said, these are the absolute best truly wireless earbuds you can buy on the market if you currently have a compatible iPhone. There is simply no earbuds on the market that offer the same price to value ratio that you get with the Airpods Pro. As long as you are willing to shell out the extra money for the new Pro iteration, the addition of Active Noise Cancellation more than makes up for the price difference.

However, when you are making such a significant investment in wireless earbuds, you want to protect your investment. Until now, you had to live with low cost and cheap-looking alternatives to do so. With the introduction of the Real Carbon Fiber Apple Airpods Pro Case by Pur Carbon, you can now protect your case in style. By using 100 percent genuine carbon fiber with sleek matte or polished gloss finish, you are getting a case that will truly stand out among the pack. If you thought Airpods was a conversation starter, wait until you place them in our ultra-lightweight and durable carbon fiber case that can keep your Airpod case protected and fresh for a long time. The carbon fiber does not interfere with connectivity and it doesn't cause you to lose the value-added feature of wireless charging. There is simply no reason to go out with your Airpods case unprotected anymore. Our case merges premium aesthetic with flawless functionality and durable performance. Make your case truly unique with our Real Carbon Fiber Case for your Airpods Pro.

Carbon Fiber AirPods Pro Case Gloss Matte

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601 reviews
Nice minimalistic case

I rarely write reviews but having come from using multiple cases either too thick or just defective, this is one case which I would highly recommend. I wouldn’t say it will protect your phone from medium to high drops due to the thickness, but it’ll protect it from a lot of surface scratches. People who are looking for a case that doesn’t change the entire size of the phone, I would recommend this to. Personal preference I would score this 9/10 just because on one of the edges it there is a bit more material where it causes a bump. Can’t really see it but you can feel it. Other than that, it fits what I have been looking for.


I received my case really quick which is awesome. The material and quality is great fit the phone perfectly and it’s very slim but covers my phone where it matters. Will definitely shop more

Really nice cover. Had it on for almost a year and it looks good

Brought this for my series 4 about a year ago and it looks awesome. Still able to using the scroll and button without any problems.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review! We're glad to hear you still like the case.

Awesome phone case! Slim design and feel good in hand

Just got my case yesterday and it fits like a glove. The case is very comfortable to hold. The carbon fiber weave also looks amazing!

Thank you so much for the review and awesome photos!! So glad to hear you like the case.

Stunning for iPhone 12 Pro Max

I ordered the case when it was in pre-order phase and I am glad I ordered it for my gold iPhone 12 Pro Max device. The gold accents and edges appear classy through the cut outs on the case and I am liking it a lot. Totally recommend it compared to all other competitor AraMag carbon fiber cases. Surprised to see it’s awesome!

Thank you so much for the great review and fantastic pictures!! We're so glad to hear you like the case and honored you would recommend us. It looks like the penguin approves too! ;)