AraMag Case for iPhone XS Max

  • • World Leading Premium Fiber Technology  

    Constructed from our own super-strong, ballistic grade Aramid fiber.  AraMag™ is five times stronger than steel and exceptionally lightweight at only 16 grams. Ultra-premium material to match your premium iPhone XS Max design.

    • Get More Bars Everywhere

    Make sure that you never miss an important call again. Made from non-conductive Aramid material & precisely placed embedded plates, AraMag™ will not interfere with your phone calls like other cases will. How many important calls are you missing? Choose AraMag for superior reception now. 

    • Iconic Style That Gets Noticed

    Inspired by our love of Supercar design we made sure that AraMag™ was the most luxurious iPhone XS Max case on the market today. Get AraMag™ for understated elegance that gets noticed by those that appreciate outstanding design.

    • PUR Ultra-Slim Minimal Design 

    At Pur Carbon we design our cases to enhance the original device experience intended by the Apple engineers. Our ultra-slim case is 0.65mm thin with precision camera gaps to provide protection without compromising on look or feel. Get our slim, minimal design for a PUR experience today.

    • Protect Your Investment 

    Protect your iPhone XS Max from ugly scratches, marks and chips. AraMag™ is extremely scratch-resistant, designed to prolong the life of your investment and maintain strong resale when you upgrade. Stop ugly marks on your iPhone XS Max now.

    • Built for Wireless Charging 

    No more wireless charging headaches, ever again! From inception, AraMag was designed to provide a flawless magnetic (QI) charging experience with your iPhone XS Max. Other cases contain conductive materials that interfere and prevent charging. Don’t risk buying a case that won’t charge your iPhone XS Max properly. Choose AraMag™ for flawless magnetic (QI) charging today.

    • Stop Drops Before They Happen

    Nothing is worse than hearing the sound of your new iPhone XS Max scraping across the ground. AraMag™ was designed with enhanced high-grip material to provide an addictively soft, easy to hold case. Stop drops before it is too late! 

Customer Reviews

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Nice case
Thank you for the review! Since the case is actually Aramid Fiber, those fingerprints should wipe right off. And if they were caused by oil on your hands, a little bit of water + dish soap on a rag will certainly remove them. Thanks again!
Great Product
We're so glad you're happy with it! Thank you for the great review.



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Thank you for the review! We're honored to have earned your recommendation.
Thank you so much for the review! We're thrilled to hear you love your case.
Best phone case ever
Thank you so much for the review and the kind words. We're so glad you like the case!
Sleek & stylish
Thank you so much for the review!
Cool Wallet
Thank you so much for the review! We're so glad you like the wallet!