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2014. The year that carbon fiber enthusiasts all over the world found an online store that shared their passion.

 The story must start from (1879) when the famous Thomas Edison baked his first cotton thread at high temperatures which carbonized them into carbon fiber filament.

Since then carbon fiber has come a long way and is praised by the greatest technical engineers all over the world as the pinnacle of composite material.

Something so light yet so high in stiffness with such a great chemical resistance and temperature tolerant behaviors.

It was quickly used by the Aerospace , Automotive and Military industries.

Not to mention it looks beautiful and is such a gem knowing a fiber is 10x smaller than a strand of hair can be weaved and twisted (3k) to gain its strength and resilience.

Pur Carbon was born by combining the dedication of a few carbon fiber experts with the creative ideas of what a man should take with him everyday.

We then went and found the most useful products a person could carry. And we added a pinch of strong, lightweight and sleek carbon fiber, just to make the mix indestructible!

What Makes Pur Carbon Special?

If you are a serious carbon fiber aficionado, then you already know why we love using this mind-blowing material in our everyday life.


 To carry carbon fiber with you everyday is a statement itself it says you are a future thinker, it says your practical & efficient it also shows originality to the masses.

Carbon fiber can add a touch of luxury to your car, everyday accessories without costing a small fortune. And The Best Part? Pur Carbon products are designed and created by real carbon fiber-heads, just like you!

We use all our products for months on end and test every product before it goes live online.

If you ever have an idea for what we should do next we love hearing from our fans

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PUR CARBON Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer every carbon fiber enthusiast the opportunity to own the most premium-quality, elegantly designed and stunning carbon fiber gadgets and accessories that will add a touch of brilliance to their lives!

We are always designing and crafting something new and plan to bring our ideas to our tribe of Carbon fiber lovers.

Kind Regards,

Owner Raffaele Deflorio.