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Looking for accessories, andother gear that is light and flexible enough to move at the pace of your life but brings the toughness of a material that is five times stronger than steel? Pur Carbon offers everything fromwallets toprotective masks made out of this miracle material.

Carbon fiber, also known as graphite fiber, is composed of slender, but strong crystalline filaments of carbon. Its use dates back to American inventor Thomas Edison who, in the 1870s, baked cotton and bamboo threads at super high temperatures to create uniquely strong fibers. Not until 1963, however, could researchers come up with a product with high strength, flexibility, and heat resistance.

Modern carbon fiber is made by pulling strands of carbon under high temperatures, but without oxygen contact. This prevents burning and oxidation, ensuring that the carbon strands remain strong. High temperature forging of the carbon bonds atoms tightly together, making them nearly impossible to break in ordinary circumstances.

Strands can be as thin as a human hair and woven into yarn like material that is stiff, uncommonly light, and offers powerful tensile strength. We at Pur-Carbon saw the potential in turning this powerfully strong material into carbon fiber gear and accessories for work and everyday life. Our wallets will last much longer than their leather counterparts but feel almost as light in your pocket or jacket. Carbon fiber also helps to make an indestructible cover for phone cases and other breakables.

Check out all of our accessories and other items, all composed of carbon fiber, one of the toughest materials available today. When you buy your accessories from Pur Carbon, you know you are getting items that are fire tested and stronger than steel.

All of our carbon fiber gear isshipped for free around the country and also around the globe.