Forged Carbon

Forged Composite is essentially an upgrade on existing carbon fiber technology.

The story of how Forged Composite was invented goes back to the mid-2000s. Italian automobile manufacturer Lamborghini had been attempting to reduce composite part cost and increase the rate of production since 2007. 

Lamborghini teamed up with Callaway Golf Company and the University of Washington, and collectively undertook extensive R&D to develop a material with superior resistance to fatigue and moisture, high resistance to damage and flaws, lower elasticity modulus compared to aluminum, great mechanical durability, and higher adaptability to suit product designers’ needs, among other things.

How is it Different from Regular Carbon Fiber?
Typically, carbon fiber is made usable by laying it up in sheet form and infusing it with resin. 
Forged Composite, on the other hand, is a unique technology which involves using a paste of fibers mixed with a resin to be squeezed out into various forms.

Forged Composite starts off as a sheet of uncured plastic, and is mixed with short randomly placed carbon fiber strands. Unlike traditional carbon fiber sheets, this material does not require careful cutting and precise laying into molds. Once the right mass has been cut and placed into a hot press mold, it is squeezed under high pressure, heated, and voila! — You have an object that is as light and stiff as a traditionally created carbon fiber object; only this one is produced in minutes instead of hours.




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