Carbon Fiber Messenger & Shoulder Bags

If you are like most busy people living in the world nowadays, staying organized while on the go is important to you. A carbon fibermessenger bag andshoulder bag allows you to carry everything you need for the day right on your arm for optimal convenience and organization throughout the day. You don't have to worry about leaving important items behind at the office or at home because you don't have enough room in your bag to carry them all.

Our carbon fiber bags feature a deep main compartment for all your bulky stuff, and plenty of side pockets and zippered filing spaces for all your paperwork and accessories. When you're playing instead of working, you can fit your favorite sports gear or workout clothes into one of our carbon fiber messenger bags and be on your way. And when the bag gets dirty? Just use a damp cloth to clean it for a fresh new look.

You can always count on your new carbon fiber bag to hold up to the wear and tear of your busy life for years to come, thanks to the Pur Carbon warranty that comes with it. Featuring genuine leather-reinforced edges, you won't have to worry about rips and tears while carrying your messenger bag around.

The luxurious design of our bags may impress friends and colleagues, but won't put you out when it comes to comfort. Expect the bag to conform to the natural shape of your body for a soft, comfortable experience no matter what you happen to be doing. Understated yet sophisticated – that sums up the Pur Carbon messenger bag line. Stop carrying that old uncomfortable bag around and order your own bag today. Don't miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your style and life.