Carbon Fiber Apple Watch Bands & Cases

One of the most popular in the new wave of electronic products is the Apple Watch. You wear it like a watch but it functions as a cell phone or tablet. While practical, Apple watches are expensive and will not stand up to the typical stress and strain of everyday life.  

The absolute best way to protect your Apple Watch investment lies in using one of our high quality, fire-tested carbon fiber Apple Watchbands or carbon fiber Apple Watchcases. They look great in black but also come in a wide variety of colours.

Carbon fiber is composed of long slender strands of carbon placed under high temperatures to create a material with superior strength and durability. You will not find better protection for your fragile electronics than you'll find with carbon fiberaccessories.

Our carbon fiber Apple Watch cases come in matte or gloss and meets aerospace level specifications for strength and durability. It also provides a classic look that matches any dress style and features easy installation and removal.

We also offer the Apple Watch band, also composed of aerospace quality carbon fiber. It comes in a classic Italian style that will look great in any setting or occasion.

The Apple Watch device comes separate from the carbon fiber band and case, but looks great and fits perfectly with these strong and durable cases and bands

Check out all of our uniquely strong carbon fiber accessories that range from sporting goods to clothing, and evenpens and knife cases.

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Real CF accessory
Thank you for the great review! And we'll be sure to let you know when the forged carbon version is available.
Impressive, minimalist case
Thank you so much for the great review! We truly appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts, experiences and ideas.
Fits perfect to mi Iphone 11 Pro
Thank you so much for the review! We're so glad to hear that you're happy with the case!
Nice case
Thank you for the review! Since the case is actually Aramid Fiber, those fingerprints should wipe right off. And if they were caused by oil on your hands, a little bit of water + dish soap on a rag will certainly remove them. Thanks again!
So far very good
Thank you for the review! We're so glad to hear that you're happy with your forged wallet. And adding a place to connect a key ring is a great idea! We'll have to take a look at adding that feature.