Carbon Fiber Apple Watch Bands & Cases

One of the most popular in the new wave of electronic products is the Apple Watch. You wear it like a watch but it functions as a cell phone or tablet. While practical, Apple watches are expensive and will not stand up to the typical stress and strain of everyday life.  

The absolute best way to protect your Apple Watch investment lies in using one of our high quality, fire-tested carbon fiber Apple Watchbands or carbon fiber Apple Watchcases. They look great in black but also come in a wide variety of colours.

Carbon fiber is composed of long slender strands of carbon placed under high temperatures to create a material with superior strength and durability. You will not find better protection for your fragile electronics than you'll find with carbon fiberaccessories.

Our carbon fiber Apple Watch cases come in matte or gloss and meets aerospace level specifications for strength and durability. It also provides a classic look that matches any dress style and features easy installation and removal.

We also offer the Apple Watch band, also composed of aerospace quality carbon fiber. It comes in a classic Italian style that will look great in any setting or occasion.

The Apple Watch device comes separate from the carbon fiber band and case, but looks great and fits perfectly with these strong and durable cases and bands

Check out all of our uniquely strong carbon fiber accessories that range from sporting goods to clothing, and evenpens and knife cases.

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643 reviews
iWatch Case

This is a great product (this was for 4 series 44mm). I’m really glad I spent the money on this because of the quality. This was my 2nd purchase with Pur Carbon and I’m extremely satisfied with these guys. They made amazing products and it is 1,000,000% worth the money. If you’re on the fence about this product, this is your sign to get this.

Great to hear that you love the product. Let us know if we can do anything else for you.

AraMag Case for iPhone 12 Pro
LUIS R. (Westborough, US)

I got the iPhone and the air pods pro case. I absolutely love them. What a great purchase I have recommended this to everyone

Thanks for the review. The air pod case is great looking and is one of our top sellers.

AraMag Case for iPhone 12 Pro
Sleek & reliable

Dropped my iPhone several times, also in concrete floor by parking lot. This case has saved my phone. I like it because it's so thin & not bulky and really can protect.

Great to hear that the phone case saved your phone. Everyone loves that the cases are thin and protect well.

AraMag Case for iPhone XR
Denilson R. (Laurel, US)

Good quality and excellent customer service, case looks nice on phone

We try hard to make sure that every customer is taken care of. Thanks for letting us know about your experience.

Love this case

This case is awesome. Real carbon fiber. Not one of those plastic ones that is painted to look like carbon fiber. This is the real deal. It snaps on easy and is very light weight. Very thin. It raises up around the camera to protect it. I love it.

Always good to hear that people love the carbon fiber. Thanks for letting us know.